Adopted Roseville woman searches for identical twin sister

Elizabeth Jackson Booth just discovered that she has a long-lost twin, and the search is on for her.

The Korean adoptee was looking into her own adoption and discovered that she has an identical twin sister.

Her search is being shared across social media as dozens of people want to help her find her sister.

Booth, who was adopted in 1975, was diving into her past and wanted to know more about her birth mother after her adopted mother died in December.

She took a 23andMe test, contacted the adoption agency and found out that she was born with an identical twin.

“I’m part of a girl identical twin birth in Busan, Korea on Oct. 17, 1973,” Booth told CBS13 News. “So, somewhere out there, at some point, I have an identical twin sister.”

After sharing her news on Facebook, her story got shared over 2,000 times and people are asking to help her find her long-lost twin.

“I am overwhelmed with the interest of people wanting to go out on their own and do searching on my behalf. However, I think I would just appreciate privacy to allow us to kind of take this journey on our own,” Booth told the TV station.

Booth accepts that her twin may not be interested in reconnecting and being involved in someone else’s life, but said she will start her search in Minnesota, where she was adopted.